The Real Casa Moneda Virtual Experience

3D Interactive Map

At the heart of the Real Casa Moneda application is a fully interactive 3D map that allows you to explore the entire property from above in full 3D, with access to the 5 main locations of the museum.

Our guided virtual tours teach you about the history of the museum and its locations, and you can take digital photographs at any time to share with your family and friends. You can also create a list locations you like as you explore the property so you can visit them directly. 

Interactive Guided 3D Tours

Take and Share Photos

Create lists of Locations

Listen to Audio Guides

Visit 5 Fully Explorable Scenes

Gate of Alzaga

The original entrance to the Royal Mint, it was the only way to access the property for many years. Originally made by the Segovian Architect Jose Alzaga, It was restored in the 19th century.


Sabatini Channel

This is the water channel that gave the facility it’s hydraulic power. It was made of two parts – the “mother channel” where the river ran, and the “wheels channel” where water was used to power the machines.


Machine Room

The Royal Mint was a self-sufficient factory for the creation of coins. All the coin making processes were carried out here, including the rolling and pressing of metals, and the smithing of coins.


Kings Garden

This was one of the favorite places of King Phillip the 2nd. The garden was designed in the Renaissance style with pebble pathways, vine covered pergolas, a fishing pavilion and three decorative fountains.


The Foundry

The original foundry where the treasury was located and bills were managed. It was also used to make simpler coins that did not require large machines. It has now been converted into a Virtual Museum.


Learn about the History and Culture of Segovia

Interactive Help Center

Learn about art, history and culture of Segovia, the museum and all the scenes and the items inside them in our interactive help center. Filled with information on the items in the virtual world, it also includes a small gallery and the location of the Real Casa de Moneda so you can visit it in person when you come to Spain.

Download the Real Casa

Moneda Application 

Download the Real Casa Moneda Virtual Experience today! Available for  Windows and Apple OsX computers and mobile devices!

Download the Real Casa

Moneda Application 

Download the Real Casa Moneda Virtual Experience today! Available for Windows and Apple OsX computers and  mobile devices!